"Here's an excellent collection of original gems...Kindred Spirits...from self-taught musician Walter Duda. This latest release is, by his own description, "smooth...with a creative edge." This album is musically outstanding and exceptionally well produced. Mr. Duda has enlisted the support of some of New York's finest session players...to give the tunes on this disc a strong, funky groove. Four instrumentals and four vocals will have you coming back for more. Walter Duda's Kindred Spirits is definitely a keeper!"

(Scott O'Brien, Smoothjazz.com)

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"Walter Duda shines as keyboardist, composer, arranger and vocalist."

(David Hughes, AllAboutJazz.com)

"Walter Duda explores the territory of smooth jazz with skillful consciousness and versatility." (Fred Scott, ContemporaryJazz.com)

"We've only gotten very positive feedback. Walter and his band maintain the high entertainment standards that our listeners have come to expect and enjoy."

(Carol Moore Cutting, WEIB-FM, Northampton, MA)

"Every song written by Walter Duda is from the heart and with Sole Intention-a true musical game plan.

(Paula Edelstein, SoundsOfTimelessJazz.com)

"An interesting blend of styles...there are some great tracks on Walter Duda's CDs."

(Ted Hasiuk, Cafe Jazz, JazzLynx.net-Canada's smooth jazz connection)

"Quite simply, Notes From The Coast is a chilled out pleasure! As with his previous release, as keyboard player, composer and arranger, Walter Duda is very much the guy that makes things happen."

(Denis Poole, SmoothJazzTherapy.com)

"Keyboardist/vocalist Walter Duda serves up a combination platter of tasteful jazz instrumentals and Steely Dan-influenced vocal numbers."